'Four Arms' the book

Putting the mystical and scary back into storytelling.

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Four Arms: A Graphic Fable of the Macabre

In the style of old-school fables comes the tale of a girl whose inner demons literally sprout from her sides.

FOUR ARMS is written in the style of old-school fables, where there may not always be a happy ending and brutality seeks to teach a lesson.

A girl is driven away from the family farm into the dark woods where her inner demons literally sprout from her ribcage. Lost in the forest with horrors at her side, the girl begins to lose hope as the arms mislead and poison her. But she finds that she is not completely alone and help arrives in the shape of a guiding wolf.

A battle of influence begins between the manifested limbs and the wolves of the forest. The girl must learn that often it is more painful to stay the same, than it is to change. But she can only be shown the way, and if the girl does not choose wisely, she risks becoming lost in the forest forever, a prisoner to her demons or worse…

Only through sacrifice, trust, and perseverance can the girl escape from the woods and her demons.

Written by Chani Petro & Illustrated by Vilde D. Ulriksen

Chani’s already reached (and exceeded!) her Kickstarter goal, but I feel like what she’s creating should be shared with as many people as possible. Trying to publish a book that doesn’t fit into a cookie-cutter genre shouldn’t be as difficult as it is, and I would LOVE to see more of this style!

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